On our Celebrity Corner today we had

CHISOM IRVIN popularly known as

IRVIN FAME on a one on one chat.

iNAAIJA: Welcome to iNAAIJA Celebrity Corner

IRVIN FAME: Thank you very much

iNAAIJA: What’s your real name?


iNAAIJA: Where are you from

IRVIN FAME: Delta State.

iNAAIJA: Where are you based

IRVIN FAME: Not settled yet, I’m in Benin at the moment but most times Lagos

iNAAIJA: What’s Your stage name?


iNAAIJA: How did you come about IRVIN FAME

IRVIN FAME: IRVIN is my name, it means a lot. I wanted to be famous, so i switched it to IRVIN FAME, & it sounded great.

iNAAIJA: (Smile) that’s nice, How was growing up like?

IRVIN FAME: (LOL) I grew up in a musical family, it was fun basically.

iNAAIJA: Wow, that means your family are strongly behind you in terms of music?

IRVIN FAME: Yeah, Strongly.

iNAAIJA: When did you record your first song

IRVIN FAME: 2012, I used to rap before I found a new Genre “Ragga Dancehall”. In 2012 I recorded my first single “Brenda Got A Baby”.

iNAAIJA: Nice, Who influence your music?

IRVIN FAME: 2Pac, Bob Marley, Shaba Ranking, Basically 80s and 90s music

iNAAIJA: Where you in any musical group before?

IRVIN FAME: Yeah, in 2012 I was affiliating with FULL MOON MUSIC GROUP.

iNAAIJA: How is the group dong now?

IRVIN FAME: They are no more.

iNAAIJA: Okay?

IRVIN FAME: One is in Canada, the other in UK.

iNAAIJA: Do you play any musical instrument?

IRVIN FAME: No I don’t, just vocals

iNAAIJA: When was your worst performance?

IRVIN FAME: SSMA, The sound system was horrible. I wasn’t feeling myself.

iNAAIJA: What Year of SSMA?

IRVIN FAME: Last year

iNAAIJA: when was your best performance?

IRVIN FAME: My best performance was in Benin. Igbinedion School prom, they all knew the lyrics to my song #Take it

iNAAIJA: What the secret behind your hit song “Controversy”?

IRVIN FAME: Ermmmmm, Basically the song was about me, what I see. At first it was a freestyle song, then it really rhymed, so just had to flow with it.

iNAAIJA: who is your role model ?

IRVIN FAME: Bob Marley

iNAAIJA: Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

IRVIN FAME: (Laughing….) I don’t have I swear.

iNAAIJA: Local and international?

IRVIN FAME: Hmmmmm….. Non

iNAAIJA: Are you in a relationship?


iNAAIJA: What’s her name?



IRVIN FAME: It’s the record label am currently signed to.

iNAAIJA: What are you currently working on?

IRVIN FAME: Promoting my music basically.

iNAAIJA: Any words for the upcoming art?

IRVIN FAME: Nobody wey no fit make am.

iNAAIJ A: We all from iNAAIJA.com wish you all the best in your music career.

IRVIN FAME: Thank you.

iNAAIJA:  It was nice hanging out with you.

IRVIN FAME: Same here.


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