Cobhams Asuquo Blast Nigerians Promoting ‘Jollof’ Music


While speaking on why most Nigerians don’t relate to his type of music as they so
with other styles, Cobhams said;
I think Nigerians are not responsive to a lot of music I feature because we have the radio, and the gate keepers control what we absorb and consider to be music. A lot of the time, what gets heavy rotation is what people want to hear on the radio, and in the clubs, and they become the standard while everything else becomes alternative.

For example, Waje released a song Koko Baby with Diamond Platnumz, which is a great song that can sit anywhere with songs from Flavor or anyone else. But because it was by Waje, who people consider to be an alternative artist, it made it to alternative charts as it wasn’t considered a popular or “Jollof” song. I think Nigerians respond to what we are fed by the radio, and TV, and a lot of the people who create the music which is now considered alternative either don’t have the means or don’t know how to put it in the right spaces where they could be heard.

If you think about it, Adekunle Gold, Simi, and Aramide, are people who are blessed with the opportunities and means to put their music out there and are doing great things while getting into the “Jollof space” without having to compromise. I think, our gate keepers have a role to play in introducing Nigerians to variety because music isn’t just made of Jollof music which I love and make sometimes if I absolutely must. But I also think that, radio stations, TV stations and people who control the blogger-sphere have a role to play in helping Nigerians who have different taste pallets feel a sense of inclusion but also including the rest of Nigeria to this kind of music.
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If you think about it, we are one the biggest consumers of ballads besides Korea and a bunch of others. For a long time, we loved Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, West Life and the rest. We are still those people, and it’s just a question of what the media is feeding us as a people and how this is slowly defining us and our tastes.


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