Police kill man on his way to bury sister


A Benue State born man, Francis Ebonyi Ogbole, who was travelling from Lagos State to

his home town for the burial of his sister met his untimely death in the hands of a police officer on his way to the park to board a vehicle.

The man’s son posted the sad incident on his Instagram account.

Read what the younger Ogbole posted:

“Mr Francis Ebonyi Ogbole was travelling to Benue State for the burial of his junior sister. On his way to the Iddo Park, Oyingbo, Lagos State, escorted by his children which makes four people in the car, they were stopped by stop and-search policemen with metro police van registration number KSF-176 EE

The policemen requested for all the necessary papers which he presented. As he was entering his car, a policeman, Sergeant Matthew Oche, with force number F/NO-372727, said no he cóuldn’t leave because the glass of his car was tinted.”

“Mr. Francis, however, told him that it was because it still early and dark, around 5:30a.m, that the glass is not tinted, but the policeman was looking for a way to extort money from him.

Out of anger, the policeman pushed him and he fell, broke his head and died instantly.”


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