Solidstar Exposes Fraudulent Doppelganger


News have been going round that SolidStar‘s look alike has been impersonating the Oluchi crooner and getting away with crime.
Emily who is a fan of Solidstar, took a picture with the impersonator and posted it online tagging it; “Awesome day, it was fun meeting @officialsolidstar”. Solidstar was quick to respond putting an end to the fakes parade;
l ve seen this guy couple of times, i evn accepted him the 1st time i saw him, but now ve been hearing different stories of how he goes arround claiming to be Solid baba. Pls ya all beware of this fraudulent Solid baba. there s only 1 Solidstar#forgetthehairstylelooktheface…A photo posted by SOLIDSTAR JOSH INIYEZO (@officialsolidstar) onJun 11, 2016 at 3:27pm PDT


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