Fulani herdsmen spotted within UNN in Enugu state


Report by The Breaking Times suggests that some Fulani cattle herdsmen were spotted inside the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Enugu state.

The herdsmen were reportedly looking for grass for their cows to graze. They were spotted near the perimeter fence housing the Fidelity Bank PLC, UNN Branch and also near the desuetude Miriam Babangida Auditorium. Sources reveal that the security personnel at one of the University gates close-by were quickly alerted to the subtle danger of experienced espionage and reconnaissance hidden in such idle roaming for grass, especially in a gentle learning environment with thousands of students and staff members sleeping habitually and freely at night. Fortunately, the Fulani were quickly advised to take their cows off the campus. According to Breaking Times, a Facebook user uploaded a photo showing one supposed herdsman hiding. Below is the post from which the report was culled up.

Meanwhile, there was tension in the Adayi and Loko areas of Nasarawa local government area of Nasarawa state when 20 herdsmen were killed by suspected gunmen. According to Daily Trust, the attack was carried out by gunmen from the riverine areas of Benue and Nasarawa states.It was reported that 83 cows were also slaughtered by the perpetrators. Ismaila Numa who is the spokesperson of the state police confirmed the attack. He however said the command only got report of the killing of the cows but couldn’t ascertain the killing of the herdsmen. Mallam Bideri Ahmadu who is the Fulani leader in Adayi area claimed Agatu gunmen were responsible for the killing of the cows.


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