Photos: Another Jungle Justice In Warri As Robbers Were Burnt To Death Before Police Arrival


The fate of 2 robbers out of 7 were sealed today in a rather gruesome fashion as their robbery operation failed.
The 7 robbers had commenced a robbery operation around 6pm today at Okumagba Avenue, Delta state were they had snatched 5 Tricycles popularly known as “Keke napep”.They had started making away with the tricycles before they got held up in traffic. Other commercial tricycle riders were also in pursuit of the robbers before catching up with them in the traffic congestion.


The 7 robbers abandoned the tricycles and ran for their lives. However, fate caught up with two of them as one was caught at Emibiren junction along Deco road, Warri while the other was caught at Estate Okumagba Avenue, Warri. An anonymous eyewitnesses who spoke to BTP PoliticsToday confirmed that the 2 out of 7 robbers who were caught were beaten blue black by an angry mob. In addition, the ongoing fuel crisis ravaging the country did not stop the angry mob as petrol was made available to burn the alleged robbers who got caught. Rumor also has it that a good number of armed robbers who get caught and arrested end up being released by the police.


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