Madwoman Gives Birth To Baby Girl Inside Bush – Feeds Her Gutter Water, Dirty Food


A mentally ill woman who’s believed to be in her 40s – gave birth to a beautiful baby girl inside a bush
she calls home at Effiakuma, Sekondi Metropolis, Ghana.In the early hours of Friday, residents and passers-by saw the madwoman cuddling the baby and feeding her water from a gutter!It’s unclear who the father of the baby is, but locals say this is not the first time the mad woman has given birth in the area. Apparently, anytime she gives birth some unidentified people suspected to be her relatives would come and take the baby away. Eyewitnesses said it’s perhaps the reason why she held on very tightly to this baby she just gave birth to and refused for anyone to touch her. But the crowd that gathered eventually chased after her and forcefully intercepted the baby. The newborn was immediately taken to a maternity home for medical attention. The mentally ill woman has reportedly been living in the bush for over four years.






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